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Find in Store

Find in Store is a tool in our online store, which allows our clients to locate merchandise from any of our Ann Taylor retail locations.

The Find in Store link will be displayed on each product detail page that, when clicked, will pre-populate your original product. You will be asked to select a color and size from the drop down menu, as well as the zip code of the area in which you wish to shop.

Find in Store search results will display all store locations within a 150 mile radius of the zip code entered. You will be able to print these search results. Due to the rapid change in inventory positions throughout the day, we cannot guarantee availability.

If the item is available at ANNTAYLOR.com, you may place an order yourself or call 1 800 DIAL ANN (342-5266). If the item you want is in a local store, you may visit that location.

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Shopping Bag

For your convenience, as a registered signed-in user of ANNTAYLOR.COM, when you exit the site, any items that remain in your Shopping Bag will automatically be saved for your next visit. To view the items you have saved when you return, simply sign in to ANNTAYLOR.COM and click on the Shopping Bag link in the Navigation Bar. Your Bag will be automatically updated as you add in new items.

If you begin shopping before you sign in, a new Shopping Bag will be started for you. When you sign in to begin the checkout process, your current shopping bag will be merged with any items saved during a previous visit.

Please note that saving items in your Shopping Bag does not reserve them for purchase at a later date. If any of the items in your saved Bag sell out, they will be removed or you will receive a message during checkout stating that the item(s) are no longer available to order. You will need to remove the sold out items from your bag in order to complete the checkout process.

To take advantage of this convenient feature and many others, click here to register or go directly to the "Sign In" page from the navigation bar.

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Checking Order History

At ANNTAYLOR.COM, we've made it easy for you to check the status of an order. As a registered, signed-in user of ANNTAYLOR.COM, you can access your order status and history anytime. Simply click on "My Account" on the navigation bar after signing in, then click "View Your Order History." You can also check your order status as a guest user. Simply click "Order Status" and enter your email address and the order number you received in your confirmation email. Your order and return status can also be checked by calling 1800DIALANN (342-5266).

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Optimize Your Browsing

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